My Poem

My poem gives

voice to my emotions,

Echo to my silent thoughts,

Rythm to my breath, 

Life to my memories, 

Sound to my voice,

Beats to myheart.

Oh dear, without you I am nothing.

Your fragrance enriches my mind,

You are a ray of hope

I know you can't give me bread,

 But still,i can live with you

Because, you'll never leave me alone

 In this  world you'll be with my name,

I'll die leaving my name with you 

find myself in you

You are the mirror of my thoughts

I love you,my poem.



Below the silence of deep sea
There lies a gigantic grave ,
Which was once called Titanic
Used to float on luminous waves.
It floated on the ocean's foam
And people loved it like their home,
But no one knew what was its fate
They came to know,but very late.
It was the day of starry night
Every one was in spirit of delight,
A huge iceberg stood on the way
Infront of it no one could stay.
The life wanted to go by side
But death was waiting just beside,
Two giants collided made history
The death was credited by victory.
We still remember Titanic
Her memory still causes panic,
Who can forget that fatal day
when solid giant broke down like clay.


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