My Death

Music of the air was mute
Sad were the moistened eyes
That was the beginning of the day
When the sun did not rise.
The sight was blurred
The breath was stopped
The heart didn't pump
The feet couldn't hop.
My everlasting meditation
That was the scene of my death
A new journey had started
With deep silence & no breath.
No wish, no hope, no aim ,no dream
No life I had, how calm was I
No feelings of pain, no happiness of gains
When I bade my last goodbye.



Where has every thing lost ,
Oh God every thing has lost
The colour of blood ,
The shyness of eyes ,
The love of hearts ,
The fragrance of flowers,
The shadow of the night ,
The shine of the day ,
Above all has lost
the humanity in fray ,
Thus we can say
Every thing has lost
Oh God every thing has lost


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